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Explore our exceptional case studies & Portfolio: How we helped our clients solve their problems through innovation and digital strategy.

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brand ignite case study

Donation Firm

Our year-long digital marketing campaign, meticulously crafted with targeted strategies, yielded impressive results. We saw a massive increase in brand awareness with a staggering 5.38 million impressions, showcasing the campaign's reach. Furthermore, a compelling call-to-action resonated strongly with our audience, driving a significant 112,000 clicks, demonstrating the campaign's effectiveness in attracting potential customers.

brand ignite case study 3

e-Commerce Store

Our digital strategy between September and November 2020 drove a significant surge in user engagement, generating 3.54K clicks and reaching an impressive 271K impressions. This data confirms the campaign's effectiveness in expanding brand awareness and highlights the potential for further optimization to improve click-through rates and overall marketing positioning.

facebook lead generation

B2B Facebook Campaigns

See how this company got tons of new customers in just a short time? We helped them run a Facebook campaign to spread the word about their business and build an online presence. They got a bunch of leads (potential customers) from both paid ads and free stuff they posted on Facebook. Pretty cool, right? Want your business to be just as popular? We can help you do the same thing!

Wheels History

Struggling to understand a car's true history? We've got you covered! Wheels History VIN Check removes the guesswork by providing a comprehensive report on past ownership, major damage (fire, accidents, floods), modifications, title status, and more. This critical information directly impacts a car's value, safety, and reliability, making a VIN check essential before you buy or sell. We leverage trusted public and private databases, including the official National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), to deliver the most up-to-date vehicle history report available. Get started with your free VIN lookup today!



Imagine an app that connects you with amazing tour guides anywhere in the world! Travelers can create a profile with their interests and browse suggested flights and hotels. They can even build a day-by-day plan and find perfect guides for each part of their trip, like a hiking expert or a history buff. Tour guides can show off their specialties and connect with travelers looking for their area. They can plan itineraries, chat with travelers, and get paid directly through the app. This app makes exploring new places easier and more fun, like having a local friend by your side!

Blinking eyes

Blinking Eyes

Hey Canadian businesses! It's tough competing online these days, right? Brand Ignite gets it! We've helped tons of Canadian companies, just like Blinky's Bagels. Remember that famous bagel shop in Montreal? We made them a super easy-to-use website on Shopify, helped them show up first in online searches, and created fun stuff for their social media. We even ran some special online ads to reach more people. Guess what? Tons of new customers found Blinky's online and their business boomed! Is your business hiding online? We can help you change that! We'll make your brand shine bright in the Canadian market. Let's chat and see how we can turn you from invisible to awesome!

brand ignite case study

e-Commerce Store

Our content publishing strategy, launched in February 2021, has been a success! We've seen steady growth in website traffic, reaching a milestone of 50,000 visitors per month by April 2024. This achievement highlights the power of consistent, high-quality content to drive engagement.

vehicle reports

Vehicle Reports

Struggling to navigate the complexities of used car buying? We've got you covered! Our Vehicle Reports empower you to take charge. Simply enter a VIN or license plate to unlock a treasure trove of information. We go beyond the basics, providing insights on titles, specifications, accidents, repairs, and even fair market value. Want to become a used car buying pro? Our reports peel back the layers, revealing ownership history, usage patterns, total loss incidents, odometer readings, and even past flood or fire damage – equipping you with the knowledge needed to make confident choices about your next vehicle.

samarah khan bridal

Samarah Khan

Samara Khan Bridal ignites your wedding dreams with a breathtaking collection of brand new gowns, catering to both Eastern and Western aesthetics. Find your perfect match, from flowing Eastern elegance to figure-flattering Western silhouettes. Their commitment goes beyond sales, offering a convenient rental option for a budget-friendly touch. Plus, their website, developed by Brand Ignite with your needs in mind, makes your search a breeze – say "Yes" to your dream dress at Samara Khan Bridal!

swipe creatif

Swipe Creatif

You're frustrated that your website isn't attracting the right kind of attention, and it's holding your business back. We get it! That's where our web design agency comes in. Our experts will create a website that speaks directly to your target audience, grabbing their attention and keeping them engaged. We sweat the details while focusing on user experience, so your brand stands out online and achieves long-term success. Let's make your website shine!


Abiha Financing Broker

Struggling for leads, UAE's Abiha Financing Broker revamped their digital presence with our agency. We rebuilt their website, optimized it for search, and launched targeted social media campaigns. The result? A 150% traffic surge, 120% more leads, and Abiha emerging as a financial services thought leader.



Client: Orbitek, a company driven by innovation, recognizes that merely keeping pace isn't enough. Our Solution: We provide a comprehensive suite of services—payment solutions, web and app development, user-friendly design, branding, and digital marketing—to empower businesses like Orbitek and propel them ahead of the competition.

Exploranova Expeditions

At Brand Ignite, we're thrilled to set Exploranova Expeditions on course for adventure! We've built a user-friendly website portal and booking platforms to empower their team of travel specialists in crafting unforgettable custom tours worldwide. Exploranova Expeditions ignites the spark of discovery, and Brand Ignite fuels the fire with seamless booking technology. Together, we're helping globetrotters chart their course for extraordinary experiences.

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