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Cool Facts About Digital Marketing

Facts about digital marketing

What’s Up with Digital Marketing?

So, digital marketing is all about getting the word out about stuff people sell, but doing it online. This means using websites, social media, texts, and videos to let you know what’s out there. It’s all about timing—finding folks right when they’re thinking, “Hmm, I might want to buy something like that.”

Digital marketing is kind of a big deal right now. It’s changing super fast, and it’s a great way to reach the right people without having to shout from the rooftops.

Cool Facts About Digital Marketing

Not Everyone Likes Pop-Up Ads

Guess what? A whopping 73% of people get really annoyed by pop-up ads. They’re trying to do their thing, and bam, an ad pops up. Most smart businesses have stopped using them because, let’s face it, no one likes being interrupted.

Videos Sell Stuff

Want to know more about a product? Watching a video about it can really help. People dig videos because they make understanding stuff a breeze.

YouTube’s Where It’s At

YouTube beats other social media when it comes to sticking around and watching stuff. People spend ages there. For those selling things, it means YouTube’s a goldmine for keeping potential customers interested.

We’ve Got Short Attention Spans

Our attention span is pretty short—like, 8 seconds short. If a website takes forever to load, many will just bounce off to something else. And if a video drags on? Forget it; we’re out.

Searching Online is Huge

Most of the time, when we’re looking for something online, we start with a search engine. Being the top result can really help businesses get noticed. So, they use all sorts of tricks to climb up those search results.

Everyone Loves Sharing Videos

Short, fun videos get shared a ton on social media. They’re quick, they hit you in the feels, and they often tell you something cool or funny. TikTok is all over this, with billions of users watching and sharing videos.

Weekends are Prime Time

Posting stuff on weekends can get more eyeballs on it than on weekdays. Most folks aren’t as busy and have more time to check out interesting posts.

SEO Isn’t Rocket Science

SEO, or getting your site to show up first on search engines, might sound complicated, but it’s really about knowing what words people use when they’re looking for stuff. It’s like leaving breadcrumbs for search engines to find your site.

Negative Reviews Can Be Good

Bad reviews? Don’t sweat it. They’re actually a chance to get better. When someone points out what’s wrong, you can fix it and maybe even turn a critic into a fan.

Google’s the Big Cheese

Google is like the king of the internet. Most folks start their online searches there, so being Google-friendly is super important for businesses.

Click on Ads = Interested Buyers

Ads that you click on to get to a website? Those are super effective. People who click are usually ready to buy, making those ads worth their weight in gold.

Fancy Snippets Don’t Matter Much

Those extra bits of info you see in search results look nice, but they don’t really help a site climb the search rankings. They make things look good but don’t affect where a site ends up on the list.

Amazon’s Up There with Ad Selling

Amazon’s not just for shopping; it’s also a big deal in digital ads, right behind Google and Facebook. It’s becoming a go-to place for advertising.

So, that’s a quick rundown on digital marketing. It’s all about being smart with how and where you get the word out online. If you’re into growing your business, getting into digital marketing, especially with folks like Brand Ignite, could be a smart move.

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